Sunday, January 12, 2014

Steampunk Samantha

 I’m writing this tutorial using Photoshop CC.  I am assuming the reader has a basic working knowledge of  the Photoshop program.  I believe the instructions should work with various other versions, but they are not tested on any other version.

This tutorial is my own creation.  Any similarity to any other tutorial is not done purposely or knowingly (aside from the fact that the process is pretty similar in most tutorials).  J

Supplies I used for this tutorial:
Poser -  Samantha by Disgns by Norella.  It is PTU and can be purchased here.  Make sure you register and receive your license from the website to use this tube.

Kit – Traveller Vip Steampunk by Conchi.  It is PTU and can be purchased  here.

Font – FHA Condensed French.  It is a free font and can be downloaded  here.

Style – Bannana from the Fruit Styles by aleksdi90.  It is a free style pack and can be downloaded here.

Open the folder that has your Kit elements in it.
Open  the PSD file of your tube.
From the kit elements open Travellervipsteampunkdnvintageframe.png  the canvas it opens on will become your working canvas going forward.

If you want to use the tag for profiles on Facebook, you will need to make your canvas square.  Normally I start with a square canvas but in a case where I am letting the base element determine the size I go in and adjust the canvas size using (Alt + Ctrl + C). 

When I look at the canvas size I see that it is set to 787 px X 694 px.  Changing the size of the canvas does not change the size of the elements or the image.  I simply make my canvas a square by changing the Height to 787 px to match the larger width size.  The canvas size screen should look like this:

After you are done changing the Canvas size, go to the Image Size (Alt+Ctrl+I) and change the resolution to 72 Pixels/Inch.

During this tutorial we will be resizing a lot of elements.  It is important to make sure you  do this without distorting them.  Below are general instructions on how to do this:
·         You can resize your elements without distorting them in one of two ways:
o   Hold down Alt + Shift on your keyboard, and use your mouse to select one corner and drag
o   Increase the scale size up in the action bar by the same percentage (100% is the beginning size)

After you have resized it, click the a on the action bar to commit the change to the element.
Refer back to the sizing section if you forget how to do this at any time.

Now back to the design.  Open the papers folder for the kit and add Travellervipsteampunkdnpaper12.jpg  to the picture.  Resize the paper so that it just slight overlaps the center of the frame.   Select the paper layer in your layers sidebar and drag it down so it is below the the frame layer. 

Next bring in your tube.  This is a full size tube so it will be quite a bit larger than your working canvas.  Resize it until it fits in the frame and position her to the left side.  Right click on the tube layer and select Blending Options.  Turn on your Drop Shadow and change the angle until you like the shadow outline (I set mine to 131 degrees).

Now  from the kit, add Travellervipsteampunkdncar.png.  Resize it to fit into the frame.  Drag the car layer down below the tube layer so that Samantha (our tube) is standing in front of the car.

Now add Travellervipsteampunkdnairballoon.png and resize it so that it looks like it is floating in the sky far away.  Position it in the sky where you like it best.  I chose to put mine over the dip in the mountains.

From here you can add whatever other elements you like and resize them and position them as you want.  Below is a list of what I chose to do.  You can choose to use the same ones or experiment with other elements.

·         Add Travellervipsteampunkbutterfly.png from the kit and resize it so it is small enough to perch on the motor block of the car.  You can also put the butterfly elsewhere or leave it out altogether if you don’t like it.

·         Add Travellervipsteampunkdnglitters.png to the bottom of the picture and resize so it fits under the car.  Then move this layer below the car layer.  It now looks like there is gold dust on the road.

·         Add Travellervipsteampunkdnmalete.png to the canvas.  Resize it and position it by the feet of the tube.  Drag the layer up so it is in front of the car.

·         Add Travellervipsteampunkdntank.png to the canvas.  Resize the tank and position it next to the trunk.  Then drag the layer down below the trunk layer so that it looks like the trunk slightly overlaps the tank.

·         Add Travellervipsteampunkdncat.png to your canvas.  Resize it and position it so it is lounging on the top of the trunk next to Samantha.  You may need to drag the cat layer up above the trunk layer.

Once you have all the elements you want in the frame, it is time to think where you want to put the name.  There are several cute “tag” elements in the kit.  I thought it would be fun to use one of those on the bottom of the frame as the base for the name.  I chose Travellervipsteampunkdnlebel.png and resized it to fit my needs.  I even “distorted” this one a bit to make it fit the way I wanted on the frame.

Next I selected my font  (FHA Condensed French) and set it to size 80.  Then I applied the Bannana style to it.  You can choose your own font and style or use these.

Now for the most important part – the copyright!  The proper crediting for this tube is ©Designs By Norella  PFD_your license #.

Now  Add your name using whatever font and style you like.  I used FHA Condensed French and a style of Bannana (see the link to download both in the supplies above).

The last step is to be sure to add the proper artists copyright and save as a .png file!

Thank you for trying  my tutorial.  If you would like to offer any feedback, please comment on the blog and let me know if you have questions or suggestions to improve the instructions.

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