Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Modern Love Tutorial

**This tutorial was written using Photoshop CS5. I believe the instructions should work with various other versions, but they are not tested on any other version.

This tutorial is my own creation.  Any similarity to any other tutorial is not done purposely or knowingly (aside from the fact that the process is pretty similar in most tutorials).**

Kit- Modern Love by Michelle’s Myths. You can purchase the kit at PicsForDesign.Com or Scrap Candy.
Tube- Arianne by Jose Cano.  You can purchase the tube at his store, CanoTubes.com.
DS – Drop Shadow

Settings I use:
DS Settings - Blend Mode set to Multiply, Opacity set to 75%, Angle set to 120 degrees, Distance 5, Spread 0, Size 5
Helpful tips and tricks:
Re-sizing tubes and elements – To keep from distorting your images when you re-size them use either option below:
1)      Hold down Alt + Shift on your keyboard and use your mouse to select one corner and drag

2)      Increase the scale size up in the action bar by the same percentage (100% is the beginning size).  After you have re-sized it, click the a on the action bar to commit the change to the image.

Rotating elements – Use “Free Transform” (Ctrl + T) and then use the mouse to select a corner of the image and rotate it in the direction you want.
Mirror images – Use “Flip Horizontal” or “Flip Vertical” to create a reverse of your image.  From the menu select Edit > Transform > and then whichever flip you want.
Open a new canvas (Ctrl +N) 700 x 700, transparent background.

Add your tube to the bottom right side of your canvas.  Right click tube layer, select “Blending Options”, add DS.

Place MM-ML 66 (LOVE) on canvas below tube layer. Rotate it to about a negative 40 degree angle and resize it and apply DS.

Between the tube layer and the LOVE layer, add MM-ML 38 (Lamppost). Position the lamppost behind the rear end of the tube and resize until you like the proportion.

Now decorate your tag with any of the lovely elements from the kit.  Resize the elements as you add them so fit the proportions of your tag.  Experiment with rotating them and mirroring them for more variety.  If you want to add depth to an element add DS to the layer.

From bottom to LOVE layer I used:
MM-ML 30 – Paint Drops
MM-ML 33 - Hearts
MM-ML 32 - Diamonds
MM-ML 60 - Ticket
MM-ML 56 – Black Rose
MM-ML 52 – Red Rose
MM-ML 51 – Music Heart
MM-ML 59 - Postcard
MM-ML 31 – Heart Scatter
MM-ML 3 – Marker Drawing a Heart

At this point I add the background.  If you know how to use masks and want to add one make it your bottom layer and re-size it and position it so you like the effect.  I’m notoriously horrible with masks, so instead for this tag I used a cloud brush set and just painted random patches on a new layer which I added to the bottom.  I alternated between two cloud brushes and red and black color until I liked the way it looked.

Add your license and copyright info to the tag.

Add name and any other text of choice.

Save as PNG and go share with all your friends!

Thank you for trying my tut! I’d love to see how your tags turn out so if you like what you made, please post a copy here or show me on Facebook!

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